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A product of the 2010's

Welcome to this little blog about anything and everything, especially things associated with and inspired by stuff I find Social Media and the rest of the World Wide Web. That narrowed it down pretty well, I'd say.

I love spending my time scrolling through the net. If I am not in front of my computer then I am usually glued to my phone - a typical monstrous product of the 2010's. This will be my little outlet of steam where I can share and comment on things I encounter during my "surfing sessions". I will stay anonymous under all circumstances, because I want this to be my free zone where I can have any opinions I want, and joke about anything I like, without running any risk of losing girlfriends, friends or jobs... 

Most of all I hope that perhaps I can make someone laugh. Peace out!

Social Media as a Business Tool

29 Jul 2021

An increasing number of people are using social media to help market their business. These kinds of sites can provide a significant level of brand awareness. They are also an essential sales tool for some entrepreneurs. There are numerous social media-based strategies that can help a company grow.

How Social Media Causes Depression among Teenagers

5 Feb 2020

Constantly being exposed to social media has caused depression among many teenagers. The root cause is they don't have the life experiences necessary to distinguish between the fake lifestyle people post online and the real unpolished life we have. This causes unrealistic expectations that can never be fulfilled.

The psychology of games

19 Nov 2019

One of the few things I love to do to pass the time is play a couple of free online games. I find that playing simple games can also be a great way to refresh my mind between tasks.

As you get immersed in a game, you’re focused on a particular task. It might be shooting the enemy or aiming for the jackpot, but you’ve got to take action (click a button), and hope for the best result. Our minds become focused on this longed-for result – we rise up to the challenge, even though in some cases it’s all down to luck anyway! In this way, playing games is a way of bringing us back into the present moment, of stopping our minds from ruminating too much about yesterday’s troubles or our uncertain future.

As kids, we enter into this mindful phase quite often, as we play with our friends or learn something new – it’s as if we’re in a bubble, fully immersed in the moment. As adults, it gets increasingly difficult to shut off your mind chatter, and I find that games, especially simple games with some nice visuals, help me to do just that.

How long has it been since you played a game? Maybe it’s time you gave it a go. You can find thousands of free online games at sites such as Maria casino, and you can also play these games for real money if you wish (in which case just keep an eye on your spending!).

How Social Media Usage Affects Our Mood

25 Oct 2019

Today, most people are on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This leads to another problem: What we see online may not really what it is. Seeing the glamorous side of people's lives only makes us question our own life, creating unnecessary self-doubt.